20.02.2016: Grimes “You Only Like Me When You Think I’m Looking Sad”: Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.26.1612711274_10208918518344588_1649023704136116490_oToday after a month of intense hard work, research and contacting Models, Brand PR’s and Studios, I managed to pull off an amazing shoot for Wildabout Magazine (with the help of my amazing shoot team of today!). I chose too base the shoot off of Grimes (the musician)’s latest Album Art Angels. However, inspiration for the make-up came from 80’s grunge, whilst the ‘UV-esque’ lighting was inspired by the lighting used in Grime’s music video for ‘Go’ Featuring Blood Diamonds. I found that my photographer Angela Mazur‘s work was suitable for the shoot, as she frequently experiments with unusual lighting techniques (something I was particularly looking for). Meanwhile, the models: Allessandra Kamaile , Yazzmin Newell  , and first time model Sophie Aine were all able to encapsulate a dramatic look, posing effectively, manipulating the shadowed lighting. I sourced clothing from brands such as Anne-Sophie Cochevelou  , Skinny Dip London, Trixy Starr Jewelry, Vida Kush, Irregular Choice,Nicole Quadrio Design and Atsuko Kudo (clothes were also brought by models (selected by me) as well as myself). Make-up artists were Kitty Noofah and Bjorn Daniel, who worked quickly and created extravagant and elaborate hairstyles (involving lots of glitter and bright colours!!)

Each model had 3 outfit changes (not all depicted here).

Behind the Scenes Pics: (Official edits to follow soon!!)


Creative Director/Stylist: Cat van Maanen (Me!)

Photographer: Angela Mazur

HMUA’s: Kitty Noofah & Bjorn Daniel

Models: Allessandra Kamaile, Yazzmin Newell, and Sophie Aine.

Studio: Grey Shutter Studios 


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