FINAL EDITS: 90’s Shoot: (Styling Work) 31.01.2016 – 04.02.2016

This was quite a last minute job- maybe a day before the shoot I came across Georgia’s request for a stylist. I am particularly interested in the current 90’s trends that have been circulating, and thought that an ‘un-diluted’ form of 90’s fashion shoot would be an interesting way for me to find the true essence of that particular era. I supplied all of the clothing, (except a few pieces which one of the models brought with her). After a night of extensive and intense research, I found many different ‘styles’ stem from 90’s culture: grunge and preppy just being two. The Photographer and Creative Director: Georgia Schunk had a narrative idea, and I just styled the two models from there. (1 model per shoot day).

Creative Director/ Photographer: Georgia Schunk

HMUA: Kitty Noofah

Models: Olga Baranowska & Rose- Anna Pearce.

Stylist: Cat van Maanen (Me!!)

Final Edits:



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