Pakistani Fashion: Intersectional Month Sept/Oct 2015.

I’ve recently noticed that Fashion culture is beginning to favour other cultural styles: take the Dolce and Gabbana Hijab and Abaya collection for example. However, especially with whats happening in the news, when asked what most people think of when they hear ‘Pakistan’, they would think strict rules, war, religion etc. However, I wanted to show the beautiful and vibrant style that is really being emitted from the beautiful country. I contacted Pakistan based brand 9Lines, in order to pull some items to use for a shoot inspired by the hugely detailed and elaborate style. As for accessories, as the shoot was a kind of celebration of culture, I decided to go big, therefore my first thought turned to the headpiece and oversized jewellery queen at Fumbalinas. The location I though would be best was Brick Lane, as I felt that the colourful graffiti could play off well with the vibrancy and eccentricity of the clothing.


Creative Director/ Stylist: Cat van Maanen (Me)

HMUA: Bjorn Daniel

Photography: Rebecca Gannon of Rega Photography

Models: Simi Gupta and Sarah Tucker.

Magazine: Wildabout

Final Edits:








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  1. The Stylish Starlet says:

    Very interesting and colourful 😀


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