Styling for ‘Sports-Luxe’ Shoot: 27/02/2016

Similarly to the Modern-Retro shoot the day before, I only had a few days to organise clothing for this shoot. I pulled clothing from new designer Marianne Auvinet Gould, whose pieces reflect a ‘rocker’ aesthetic whilst retaining an ‘urban elegance’. The orange colour schemes of the pieces as well as the material used resembled this sporty theme. I also attained clothing from a brand to which I am growing accustomed: Atsuko Kudo: a luxurious latex brand. The creative director, Steve, wanted a ‘sexy’ look, therefore I decided that I could build upon Atsuko Kudo’s simple yet statement body suits. I was working with two models, and therefore I had to think of several outfits which could not work simply on their own, but would not clash if the models were on set/ interacting together. In addition to the latex and Marianne Auvinet Gould’s pieces, I also used classic sporting wear such as Adidas long socks, knee pads, sweatbands, wrist bands, ankle bands and upper arm bands. I also was able to play around with the ways we could position fascinators (as well as these other items) as the Photographer (also creative director) briefed me that he wanted to be able to use these items in ways which would not be immediately obvious. Therefore I chose to use the fascinator upside under one of the model’s chin creating a gorgeous side profile/ silhouette which echoed the ‘sporting’ aethetic. I also though that wrapping the sweatband around the legs of one of the model’s presented the ‘sexy’ feel that the photographer wanted. Other brands that I chose included Local Heroes from which I received casual/sports wear such as sweaters and jogging bottoms, which we also used in non-obvious ways (such as wrapping jumpers and jogging bottoms around legs). Unfortunately I cannot post many behind the scenes pictures of this shoot to show my styling, however you can look out for the shoot in Dreamingless Magazine’s open issue (no doubt I will post the edited pictures on my blog at a later date).



MUA: Khadija Ali

Hair Stylist: Penny Black

Models: Yazzmin Newell  & Margarita Lievano

Photographer: Steve Taylor

Stylist: (Me) Cat van Maanen

Brands: Marianne Auvinet Gould, Atsuko Kudo, Adidas, Topshop, Local Heroes.




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