Styling ‘Modern-Retro’ Shoot for Dreamingless Magazine: 26/02/2016

I had wanted to work with Dreamingless magazine for a while as a stylist, and so I e-mailed the magazine. I received a quick response from Zoé Ashiotis (whose role on the shoot was Creative Director and Photographer). The theme was ‘modern retro’. I only had a few days to organise clothing, so I chose brands Golden Browne (clothing) and Les Nereides (jewellery).

These two brands, to me, work so well together. On the one hand we have the classic, bold, floral prints and patterned clothing the likes of which were prevalent in the 50s and 60s. Then with the jewellery, I decided to go with the high-end, Les Nereides, which also adds a modern and exotic edge to the very Parisian style.

In my opinion, these choices show a level of respect for the era, whilst keeping the look fresh and updated with modern accessorising. As for shoes, I opted for the classic court style.

The white necklace and white sunglasses are authentic 60’s pieces from my own collection.

The shoot went really well. For the style I researched fairly extensively in the short amount of time I had, I decided to go for a classic 50s/60s look, with a vibrant twist (reflective of my own styling habits).

I really enjoyed the shoot, and was able to work with a wonderful team, who I hope to work with more in the future.


Publication: Dreamingless Magazine (in print) 

Photographer: Zoé Ashiotis 

Models: Aneta Kocisova & Kitty Rose


Stylist: Cat van Maanen

Brands: Les Nereides & Golden Browne clothing


BTS photographs



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