FINAL EDITS for my GRIMES shoot ‘You Only Like Me When You Think I’m Looking Sad’

Stylist & Creative director: Cat van Maanen

Publication: Wildabout Magazine. Published on 05/03/2016

Photographer: Angela Mazur Photography (facebook) (website)

HMUA: Bjorn Daniel and Kitty Noofah

Models: Anna Deller-Yee, Sophie Aine and Yazzmin Newell

Studio: David @ Grey Shutter Studios

Brands: Trixy Starr Jewelry, VidaKush, O-Mighty, Anne Sophie Cochevelou, Killstar, Lip Service, Irregular Choice, Atsuko Kudo, YRU, Nicole Quadrio Design, Skinny Dip London.

(My discussion on WILDABOUT Magazine, about the processes in the shoot).

When I was thinking about how to summarise this editorial which, was so personal to me in its conception, I tried to find a way which helped me portray the emotive drive behind the shoot in a way that does the theme itself justice.

For me, music is one of the biggest creative influences in my life, although I am not exactly ‘musically gifted’ shall we say, I find that the right melody can lift a word from a page and add ‘colour’ and dimension to it: binding each word to an emotion – in other words, a musical artist ‘owns’ each lyric, charging an otherwise humble word with dense and heartfelt meaning. I find this truly beautiful as a concept. The track California from Grimes’ most recent album Art Angels (2015), was the first song I listened to from her recent work. I found – as so many do – a deep connection with her lyrics (you can have a listen to California linked below!). I could not choose a particular line that was most prevalent for me, because, as i’ve mentioned, each lyric adds to the overall beauty of the song.

Having been won over by California, I quickly formulated ideas of a photoshoot that I could arrange. In fact, my first thought was towards the make-up: I wanted glitter and lots of 80’s disco style neon coloured lip colours and eyeshadows. My amazing HMUA’s: Kitty Noofah and Bjorn Daniel were so easy to work with and imperative in bringing this vision to life. As for the lighting, I wanted to really reflect on the premise that music was the muse for the editorial’s theme. Therefore I was influenced by the ‘rave’ vibes portrayed in Grimes’ Go (2015) single by use of different colour lighting (blue and red). Angela Mazur of Angela Mazur Photography recreated this look perfectly. When I went looking for models, the main factor that I was on the search for was attitude, sass and most of all, a personality that can reach through your screens; therefore rendering the image into being in a ‘three dimensional’ elevated state in the same way that I have previously explained that a tune can lift a single lyric into being a multifaceted thing of magic. Suffice to say, Yazzmin Newell,  Anna Alessandra Kamaile Deller-Yee, and Sophie Aine are three outstanding women who – to put it simply – radiate power, strength and personality – and as Samuel L. Jackson rightly stated in Pulp Fiction: “personality goes a long way”. For this shoot, it wasn’t about being or looking perfect. It was about being able to express creativity without feeling oppressed by social norms. The styling for the shoot was something that came together by collaborating with several killer brands from around the world. I really felt strongly about borrowing pieces from smaller brands, or designers who hand made the pieces, once again adding a certain artistic flair and a presence of personality to the shoot.

Overall, the aesthetic I adopted was heavily influenced by K-Pop and several anime series that I have seen, including Black Butler, as well as programmes from my childhood, such as the kids television programme Moondreamers (who I aspired to be like), and of course, the music videos and incredible style of Grimes herself.

Thank you to my amazingly creative team & I hope you all love the results of our work as much as we I do!

_MG_5432 db_MG_5371 db_MG_5415 db_MG_5320 db_MG_5498 db_MG_5465 db_MG_4847 db_MG_4616 db_MG_5521 db_MG_5320_MG_5028 db_MG_4568_MG_5493 db_MG_5541 db_MG_5611 db_MG_5318 db_MG_5441 db_MG_5491 db_MG_5494 db_MG_5449 db_MG_5612 db_MG_4643 db_MG_5462 db_MG_5436 db_MG_5555 db_MG_4989 db_MG_5607 db_MG_5473 db_MG_4610 db_MG_4669 db_MG_4696 db_MG_4656 db_MG_5374 db_MG_4840 db_MG_5373 db_MG_4883 db_MG_4567 db_MG_5130 db_MG_5055 db_MG_5009 db_MG_4784 db_MG_5272 db_MG_5303 db_MG_4771 db_MG_4854 db_MG_5637 db_MG_4596 db_MG_4643 db crop_MG_4836 db_MG_4810 db_MG_5301 db_MG_4775 db_MG_4675_MG_5034 db_MG_5155_MG_5070 db copy_MG_4739 db_MG_4712 db_MG_4763 db_MG_5070 db_MG_4761 db_MG_5192_MG_4780 db_MG_5192 db_MG_4759 db_MG_5105 db_MG_4697 db_MG_4703 db_MG_4616 crop_MG_4721 db crop_MG_4567 crop_MG_5089 db_MG_5078 db_MG_4734 db_MG_4938 db_MG_4752_MG_5155 db crop_MG_4696 db crop_MG_5192 db crop

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