Assistant Styling for ‘Her Bones are made of Roses’, published in Tinsel Tokyo Magazine.

In November 2016 I collaborated with Phoenix Blu Coyle and her team on her shoot ‘Her Bones are Made of Roses’ as styling assistant. The photo series was published in Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, and made the Christmas Cover photo. Credits: Art direction Phoenix-Blu Coyle and Jasmine Gotley De Silva Photography by Jasmine Gotley De Silva StylingContinue reading “Assistant Styling for ‘Her Bones are made of Roses’, published in Tinsel Tokyo Magazine.”

‘Love, J.x’ scripted, cast and directed by me for University assessment.

It was the first time that something I had personally scripted and story-boarded had been produced (filmed by Yolanda Y. Liou ), so I found that pretty exciting. It was also my first time using audio recording equipment ( I used the Zoon H4nSP), which I found pretty interesting to use, but obviously I was nervousContinue reading “‘Love, J.x’ scripted, cast and directed by me for University assessment.”

Styling for Toksick Magazine: 04/07/2016. ‘Patchwork Impressions’.

In July of 2016 I styled the shoot Patchwork Impressions, which was published by Toksick magazine.  I was already working closely with HMUA Kitty Noofah (after several successful shoots together), and I was looking to work with Cansu Ozkaraca after having seen some of her work. I wanted it to be featured in a forest locationContinue reading “Styling for Toksick Magazine: 04/07/2016. ‘Patchwork Impressions’.”

Styling for ‘Tinderella’ Music video.

In September 2016 I was asked to style the entire cast for the music video for the band Charlie Melrose‘s single, Tinderella.  The planning took several months, and I was able to use contacts I had already acquired through previous styling jobs. I was in charge of styling a cast of over 20 people, single handedly.Continue reading “Styling for ‘Tinderella’ Music video.”

Articles written for WILDABOUT magazine.

My second official position, was at WILDABOUT magazine in 2015. Whilst I had initially applied as a writer, I was hired as culture & arts editor. After a while holding this position, and after having styled and been the creative direction behind the fashion spread You Only Like Me When You Think I’m Looking Sad, inspiredContinue reading “Articles written for WILDABOUT magazine.”

Articles for Fizzy magazine, based in Hamburg.

The first real writing job I applied for (outside of my job as the editor and founder of my high school newspaper!) was a position as a freelance writer for Fizzy Magazine in mid 2015. Fizzy magazine (based in Hamburg, Germany), not only gave me great experience in the industry, but it also helped meContinue reading “Articles for Fizzy magazine, based in Hamburg.”

Selection of Articles published during my time as News Editor at The Verse Magazine.

I worked as the News Editor at The Verse, the official University of Brighton student-run paper, for the duration of my second year of study. Some of my major accomplishments working at The Verse included: Interviewing Adam, the drummer for the band Lawson. contacting festival organisers in order to create promotional articles for both  BoundaryContinue reading “Selection of Articles published during my time as News Editor at The Verse Magazine.”

Author, Diriye Osman, shares my review on his website

In 2015, whilst holding the position as Cultural Editor at Wildabout Magazine, I wrote an article entitled The Freedom State: Sexuality Vs. Cultural Tradition in response to Diriye Osman’s collection of shorts, Fairytale’s For Lost Children. I was over the moon to find out that Osman had shared the article on his own website. Fairytale’s ForContinue reading “Author, Diriye Osman, shares my review on his website”