Selection of Articles published during my time as News Editor at The Verse Magazine.

I was working at The Verse, as co-editor in the news department for a year (held during my second year of university). Th Verse is the official University of Brighton Student run paper. During that year I was given the chance to take advantage of several opportunities. Whilst working as News Editor, some of my major accomplishments, included: Interviewing Adam, the drummer for the band Lawson. I also was in contact with festival organisers in order to create promotional articles for festivals such as Boundary Brighton and Little Way, also based in Brighton. Other work included promotional pieces for the University’s different societies including the ‘Bake Soc.’ as well as the brand Blueberry Sports, who approached me personally to write a sponsored review of their latest product ‘Slender Shake’. Whilst a large part of my job was delegation to News writers and ensuring that content was published on a daily to weekly basis, I found that I was able to do a majority of actual content creation too.

Below is a sample list of some of the articles I have written for The Verse during my time at the publication.


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