Articles published during my time freelancing at Fizzy Magazine, based in Hamburg.

The first job I applied for was a position as a freelance writer for Fizzy Magazine in mid 2015. Whilst I was the prefect in charge of school journalism from year 9 to 11 of high school, I hadn’t had a job in journalism outside of school. Fizzy Magazine ( based in Hamburg, Germany), not only gave me great experience in the industry, but it also helped me gain some invaluable contacts with whom I am still in contact with. Since leaving Fizzy,  I have been involved with several exciting projects, especially involving my styling work, which actually brought me to Hamburg in November 2015 in order to style a shoot for Superlative Magazine.

Whilst at Fizzy Magazine,  I worked in the fashion department, with my first article written about Peter Pilotto’s AW15 collection. Whilst the majority of my articles were about brand launches or spotlights. I did get the opportunity to interview such people as Sarah Caulfield, CEO of clothing brand We are Hairy People, as well as writing commentaries on current pop-culture.

The following articles are some of the pieces I wrote for Fizzy Magazine during my time at the publication. Due to the fact that the Editor removed a lot of the old content, I am only able to post the shorter article’s below.

  • Katie Not So Eerie (Designer/ Ikea collaboration)

Katie Not So Eerie

After Jeremy Scott’s corporation took on fast food giant McDonalds, with an inspired collection during Milan Fashion Week 2014, in order to draw a correlation between Fast food and fast fashion, the menswear designer Katie Eary, based in East-London, also decided to take on another global fast food chain, in the form of a collaboration with KFC’s #Packmoreintolunch campaign, in which she designed and produced a fashion-line within a ‘lunch-hour’.

However, Katy Eary clearly conveys that she is not a one trick pony, and has recently teamed up with Swedish homeware store Ikea, in order to release a new line of fabulously weird homewares. I think ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ would be an apt saying to apply in this case. The collection to be released in March 2016, will be called GILTIG, and was launched at Milan Fashion Week 2015, as part of #IKEAFashion. Eary commented in an interview, that after musical taste, “furniture is the last thing left [in presenting a persons] true identity”, she later elaborated that “When you walk into a home, it’s like you’re walking into that person’s brain”, and that “every item has a story”.

Eary is known for her bold and daring prints and patterns, and she does not disappoint in her collaborative collection with IKEA. Her muses were her younger brothers, and Johnny Depp’s cool, hippy, weird and wild character from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Eary is the first to describe own her style as “in your face” with a “love [it] or hate [it]” vibe. GILTIG is packed full of trippy, colourful and ‘guy-humour’ inspired prints. Amongst the vivid designs, she includes “acidy” fighter fish plates, 3D puzzles, bulging veiny eye balls, and vibrant crimson brains on cushions… the morbidity of the collection is not for the dull or squeamish amongst us… and we absolutely LOVE it!

Never have we been more disappointed to not be able to wear a pillow cover or throw for Hallowe’en. IKEA x KATIE EARY Smashed it.

By Cat van Maanen.

  • Amber Rose’s ‘Not So Shameful ‘walk of shame”.


Amber Rose has done it again. After slaying it at the MTV VMA’s this year alongside Blac Chyna with her socio-political, stereotype-slamming statement outfit.  We wouldn’t have believed that she would be able to formulate a more poignant piece of propaganda in the fight against slut-shaming than her killer outfit. However Amber Rose’s comedic two minute video created for “Funny or Die”, titled “Walk of No Shame”, features her wearing a tight, curve hugging leather and lace outfit, and holding a pair of hot pink heels. She is depicted leaving a house in a perfect ‘Hollywood-style-family-friendly’ neighbourhood on a blue sky day. To all intents and purposes, this could be a scene taken straight from a sickly sweet 1950’s rom-com. However, Amber Rose holds her head high, and walks confidently home, after clearly leaving a ‘one night stand’ situation (which has the potential to be super awkward!) She verifies this to all passers by, including the milk man, an elderly couple and a young boy who asks his mother “did that woman get f***** last night?” she replies with “I sure did!”

It all seemed like something from a parallel universe, where instead of condemning Amber Rose, by passing judgment and appeasing an age old gender stereotype, characters in the video greet her with comments as unexpected as “You’re a role model for my daughter”, which a man bellows  out of the window of vehicle as she struts past.

Although the mood of the clip was as light as Amber Rose’s bare-footsteps in the video, there is clearly an important a message to be understood here. The mother of one, is not a stranger to derogatory name calling, she has come under the spotlight numerous times for pretty unflattering reasons. Indeed, earlier this year, her ex-husband, artist Wiz Khalifa released the track For Everybody that seemingly makes a dig at Amber Rose, on the grounds that the lyrics refer to the mother of his child as being a “h**” . However in light of all the verbal attacks she has been victim to in the media, she reflects what a strong woman is. In other words what an amazing role model!

Orange is the New Black star, Matt McGory who features in the Funny or Die video, joins the ever-growing group of OITNB cast members such as Laverne Cox, making their mark on the world by standing up for worthy causes that they strongly believe in.  McGrory took to Twitter following the release of the video, to defend his co-star remarking “If only we lived in a world where people didn’t treat women with these massive double standards”, after which, concluding that “Strong women scare weak men.’ Stay empowered.” McGrory’s commendably non-conformist attitudes to gender roles are also reiterated in the video, with the mayor congratulating Amber Rose’s character’s “confidence, and the choices [she] makes and [her] ability to celebrate [her] body!” And to be honest – that’s the message that we should take from it. A woman should be allowed to choose to have a one night stand and not feel guilty for it, whilst a woman who doesn’t want to have one should just be allowed to just get on with it and equally not feel that they have to give it to what society’s hypocritical standards demands of them – because to quote Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

Relevant video.

by Cat van Maanen.

  • Interview w/ Sarah Caulfied, founder and artist behind brand We Are Hairy People.

We Are Hairy People X Fizzy

Sarah Caulfield the creator of the fun brand ‘We are Hairy People’ agreed to an exclusive interview with Fizzy. Based in Bristol, Sarah definitely challenges – and in our opinion- demolishes the beauty standards traditionally exploited in the fashion industry; you have to love someone as ambitious to take on an age old issue, whilst starting up a new business- and after learning the pretty deep and philosophical advice and thoughts that Sarah bestows upon us: it’s easy to say- she’s awesome!

Since the start of the ‘We are Hairy People’, Sarah has managed to achieve several big milestones. Read on to find out what she has to say and to find out more about the lovely lady!

Cat (writer, Fizzy Magazine): As the pioneer behind starting the brand ‘We are Hairy People’, what would you say was the hardest part about single-handedly creating such a unique and controversial brand?

Sarah (WAHP): Obviously when you have a labour intensive manufacturing process that you do all yourself, you have to really keep the bigger picture in mind about why you’re doing it- margins are thin to ensure you’re using ethical clothes, jobs are repetitive and often unchallenging, but all profits go to loving those I meet and I love creating new collections, so when the good times are flowing I have to be very present to enjoy them and celebrate those moments- to know why I work so hard the rest of the time! I’ve been very fortunate and blessed with many opportunities and it’s incredibly important to appreciate every day.

C: What or who Inspired the brands ethical standpoint the most?

S: I’ve always been aware that cheap clothing comes at a tremendous cost to someone else, I couldn’t bare to add to that suffering and wanted to prove that with hard work and a good heart, the right way of doing business can be executed in the real world- I also manage this at high street prices, which I think is really rare. If all clothing were made in sweatshops then I’d rather wear nothing. In terms of using the brand to spread love & encouragement- this has been mostly because of my models- and my first model in particular, Zoey. I saw how inspiring applications of fashion & art along with encouraging photoshoots could really bring up the self esteem of normal girls. The majority of young girls I meet through the brand and my previous work as a youth worker, just don’t believe how incredibly valuable they are, and I want to make it clear that they are infinitely important, beautiful and unique, purely because it’s the truth, so I have found ways of using my brand for this purpose.

C: In the time that the Brand has been going, you have achieved many fantastic things, including- as I noticed- a follow from the lovely Cara Delevingne on your Instagram page! (congrats on that by the way) In light of this, what do you think is the most exiting achievement for you and ‘WAHP’?

S: I love the many opportunities I’ve had, and it feels really great when someone like Cara shows interest, purely because she’s an icon whose opinions are valued so highly, so I really appreciate amazing things like that! The things that are most valuable to me though is when fans and customers feel like they can just chat to me about things via email, or when I get a message that what I’m doing has changed people’s lives and given them hope. It’s all about relationships for me now, and loving individuals- as I feel I have done what I need to create the brand and fulfil my hopes for success, and now I want to see the fruit of the good heart behind it and have super fun days with wonderful people.

C: To date, you have successfully made it into and stocked ASOS, Urban Outfitters, as well as several pop up shops across the UK, notably TopShop, as well as Launching your #Beautyisfreedom campaign video. Could you tell us more about the campaign- how did it come about, and what is the effect is has had on you and your followers?

S: I created the campaign to shout a bit more about what is important- before the campaign the good work of the brand was a bit vague and I wanted to clarify what the whole point was! I love art and I love people! So Christmas was coming up and I wanted the Christmas message from WAHP to be, ‘you are amazing!’ rather than ‘buy this stuff cheap!’ Sales are incredibly important, I’m am still only now just earning enough of a wage, it’s a difficult business… however if this is alway a personal focus, your spirit and heart will get lost in the everyday toils and troubles- and I’d rather shout about love and enjoy it, than grasp around for sales and stress out. So it’s better for me to do campaigns like that, and also better for customers- there were a number of people who messaged me saying that after having watched the video, their motivation to kill themselves had greatly subsided- If only I could do a video a day and reach everyone who it could help!

C: WAHP has to be one of the most ethically anchored brands out there, you have so many inspiring campaigns and collections, which obviously means so much to fans of the brand. You’ve also gained a lot of credibility in terms of support for those recovering from mental health issues. Speaking of which, you’ve recently been in the process of starting up a ‘Relapse Prevention Support Group & Therapy’ – what will you be doing in this therapy, and what can readers do to help support, or get involved with this?

S: So originally I was thinking that I would have a small support group from girls in Bristol, that would meet weekly for a few hours to so some therapeutic painting together and generally make friends- however setting this up and getting applicants to commit has been tricky- even stepping out to message about joining a support group can be so hard when you’re struggling. So what has happened so far is that I’ve had a small group of girls who came for a full week of hairy endeavours finishing with a garden party for WAHP friends & fans, and that was amazing- the thing now is organising more meet-ups as regularly as possible to continue in choosing recovery together, because we’re all dotted around the country- so I’m interested to see where it goes, how it grows, and how I can keep the team together. While my girls were here the other week we made a really lovely mini collection, which will be released soon!

C: Where do you want to take WAHP in the future- what do you want to achieve within the next year?

S: This is a really tricky question actually, because I’m due a baby in 2months- so I have no idea how that’s going to mix with work yet, but I’m really interested to see, and I really hope that it adds more to the brand- I can imagine that once I have my own child, loving young girls will be even easier, because that jump in to loving someone more than ever before is going to be life & character changing. I want to make sure the support group finds it’s feet, I’d love to do a shoot abroad for fun, and generally be presented with inspiring creative challenges that I’ve not encountered before!

C: If you were to give a piece of important life advice to Fizzy readers, what would it be?

S: Allow yourself to love yourself, laugh at life cause it ain’t got nothing on you, and the grass is greener where you water it, so get going!


C: What is your fave item that you have created to date?

S:I have over 500 designs actually, but the one that stands out in my head right now is the forest  denim jacket mmmm.

C: What is your fave collection?

S: I really love Midnight, lovely colours and it’s just going in to Autumn now so I’m probably going to be wearing it all soon!

C: Fave colour?

S: White

C: Most inspirational quote?

S: Do All things With Love- jesus

C: Sum yourself up in a word?

S: Passionate

C: What tune are you replaying at the moment?

S: Heart Runs- John Mark McMillan

C: Dancing or Netflixing?

S: Parks & Rec & American Office! There is no dancing while this pregnant haha!

If you want to find out more from Sarah herself, she might be making an appearance at London Fashion Week this September- so keep an eye out, and make sure you visit her website to stay updated on everything WAHP.

By Cat van Maanen.

  • First Article at Fizzy for Peter Pilotto’s AW15 collection.

Peter Pillotto AW 2015 collection.

Summer 2015 is coming to a close and the cooler wintery air is bringing with it a whole host of new, fabulous designs, exuding a new palette of colours and styles. This can be seen in Pilotto and de Vos’ Autumn Winter collection. Some may speculate that the style, gracing the catwalks, reflects a more modest or placid approach to design from the pair of digi-print geniuses ( who have previously described their style as being “about a certain playfulness” ), due to the more frequent appearances of white clothing, juxtaposing their SS ’15 collection which featured seemingly electrical bursts of dayglow brilliance.

However Pilotto and de Vos have made no secret about the fact that they take plenty of inspiration from nature, indeed their SS ’12 collection had influences from exotic palm leaves, which the pair pronounced they had digitally manipulated into several of their pieces from that collection, presenting their work as “nature in a stylised way”.

Therefore it would be fair to speculate that this season, Pilotto is staying in touch with the natural seasonal changes, and bringing more earthy tones to the table. Meanwhile, of course, the playful element is still apparent, with influences from game boards such as Pinball and Connect Four, as well as those typical heady punches of vibrant colours, evoking a childlike delight amongst the observers of this collection. Do not be fooled, although it is clear the AW ’15 collection is not the festival of fluorescent colours that it was in the SS ’15 collection, the brand still sports the 70’s influenced look throughout all the pieces, with wide collars on outerwear, and tailored structural silhouettes presented through manipulation of the style of the clothing and the choice of fabric, as well as the intricate geometric patterns adorning the pieces. This season Pilotto is bringing a modern sassy twist to a canvas of classic pieces, allowing women – as Peter Pilotto observes “[to] create their own identity while wearing our things” Overall Pilotto’s collection seem to be ceremoniously presenting the concept that dressing for the season does not necessarily mean dressing dull!

Cat van Maanen.

  • MTV VMA’s (2015) Fizzy coverage.

(MTV VMA’s, 2015)

On Sunday the 30th of August, Miley Cyrus hosted the 2015 MTV VMA’s… so yes, of course there was drama!

By now, most of you Fizzy readers will have watched several hilarious GIF’s and meme’s about the headlining drama of the event: Nicki Minaj’s beef with Miley. But for those who haven’t been hit with the viral hilarity of the moment, here’s a quick summary of what went down:

Basically, not too long before the awards- Cyrus spoke to The New York Times in regards to an online petty fight between Minaj and Taylor Swift, saying “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind.” Clearly Nicki was not over her comment by the night. At the end of her acceptance speech, she ‘went in like a wrecking ball’ (all puns intended)  dissing the host sassily; “Back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press; Miley, what’s good?”

Miley’s fast rebuke ended the brutal exchange. However, it’s left both fans, and pretty much everyone who watched, wondering “was it staged?”…. According to an article by Patrick Hosken for MTV news on, released on the 1st of September- it can be confirmed as “really, really real, you guys. As in not a stunt or a trick or a brilliant performance of award-show faux-beef”. So I guess that solves that short lived mystery then…

Moving on and of course, the VMA’s would not be complete without an array of outfits that can be classified in any one of the three groups ‘the good, the bad (or) the ugly”. However, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s outfits were definitely winners in our books! Even Kanye- notoriously known for his sometimes cruel comments- had something nice to say, gushing to that the outfits reflect how they “truly feel about themselves”. Indeed the girls revealed that they wanted to put every single derogatory word that they could, and have already been called as a woman, onto the garments, and wear it to reflect the double standards and slut shaming, so prevalent in our modern society- and still an issue that needs to be addressed- so a well done to the pair on the fab skin tight outfits which send out an ultra-important message whilst also looking seriously cool!

Finally, Miley Cyrus’ controversial but awesomely unique wardrobe choices certainly caught the eyes of many viewers- and not just the heavily sequinned eyes adorning most of her rainbow-coloured outfits. However, even though stylist Harouche told Yahoo Style that “the costumes were inspired by Salvador Dali, Kansai Yamamoto, and Miley’s love of funny faces”, its pretty clear that the similarities between the designer BCalla’s “Dooo It!” wardrobe that was created exclusively for Miley’s VMA appearance, and the Australian brand Di$count Univer$e were startlingly uncanny, causing BCalla to come under fire for copying the brand, favoured by celebs such as Katy Perry.

I hope you all enjoyed the VMA’s and if you didn’t- I hope this gave you a juicy bitesized taste of what happened to who, and who was wearing what!

By Cat van Maanen

  • Rita Ora’s 2015 Adidas collaboration

Rita Ora takes us to space with the planetary power pack

Get ready for lift off because Rita Ora’s latest pack is taking us to unknown galaxies. Whether you’re a Star Wars, Star Trek or even Firefly fan (yes they exist) this new collection by the British singer will surely make any space camp nerd happy.

It is not the first time the singer has collaborated with Adidas. In previous year she worked with the brand on their “Dragon Print Pack”, ‘White Smoke Pack’, ‘Super Hero pack” and  the ‘X-Ray Pack’. This Fall, however, Rita will be taking on the Adidas original clothing line, and as would be expected, the up-shot of the collaboration meant that the original series was given an intergalactic ‘face-lift’, with refreshing monochrome colour schemes, and bold ‘colour blocking’ used to reflect the aesthetic of all-in-one spacesuits as viewed on a blurry television set. The use of padding and quilting in the clothing as well as the comical use of red stripes to imitate the U.S. flag, adds an flourish of colour to the pieces, whilst also adding to the ‘futurisitic’ ‘space traveller’ style- summoning likenesses with the U.S. Moon landing in 1969.

The collection, due to be released on November 1st, contains a selection of crop tops, sports jackets, leggings, and track tops. The pieces are elegant yet understated, and definitely have enough other-worldly charm to inject some intrigue when you step out in these clothes!

By Cat van Maanen.

  • Welcome to Clio Peppiatt’s Crazy World.

Clio Peppiatt’s SS16 collection

There’s an excited buzz in and around Soho, and that can be only one thing: London Fashion Week has (finally)hit, and with so many designers’ opening their showroom doors to reveal their SS16 collections, its difficult to know which fabulous new line to look to first!

However, it was Clio Peppiatt’s  time to shine on  Friday the 19th of September at the Vinyl Factory in central London. She did not disappoint. Having only recently emerged on the scene, Peppiatt’s brand has been boasting gorgeous futuristic, sci-fi garments for a year. Her use of vibrant colours, and loud yet intricate prints, nourishes the ‘happy-go- lucky’ vibe of her brand, as well as presenting what could be described as ‘fiercely sassy garms for the fiercely sassy girl’. Peppiatt’s pieces are thoughtful and fun, whilst reflecting her tongue-in cheek humour.

At first glance, Clio Peppiatt’s SS16 collection may look like it has bopped it’s way straight out of the 1970’s to the sound of the Bee Gees (and the rest of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack…) Especially when observing the super-glittery and well designed aesthetic of the set design created by the fabulous Amy Exton, which included metallic pink streamers, a multitude of irregular patterns and jutting shapes, as well as a pink and iridescent silver checkerboard design on the flooring: perfectly complimenting the collection.

This season, Peppiatt presents some fairly traditional clothing styles, including bralettes, cigarette trousers, a-line midi skirts and bomber jackets, as well as cropped fur jackets. However, where she may have kept the actual silhouettes of her collection pretty traditional, she instead came into her own with the immense array of prints, textures and fabrics. It’s pretty clear that Peppiatt has taken the 70’s for the ‘trip’ it won’t forget in a hurry… to those who are ‘clued up’ on 90’s film culture you may notice that there are some striking similarities to the 1995 film Clueless, with the indulgent use of a spectrum of shades of pink, as well as the overall ‘cyber-barbie’ look achieved by the metallic colours, as well as the high pony tails sported by most models. which again- lends itself well to the style of 90’s media culture, whilst also ‘lifting’ the look, giving it a lighter, sporty and fun overall appearance.

Essentially, with Clio Peppiatt’s SS16 collection, expect a smorgesboard of crazy awesome prints, rainbows, buckets full of glitter, cats, exceptionally cute and puffy smiling kawaii clouds (because why not), 90’s style mobile (cell) phone prints, pastels, furs, rainbows, mermaid references, aliens, LOTS of pink, and to break it up and prevent the seriously cute collection from become sickly sweet, lots of multicoloured leathers and mini ‘kick-ass’ metallic bralettes (hell yeah!)

This collection left us  pleasantly inebriated by the carnival of vibrant colours, with a feel good vibe being rhythmically emitted that sets these ready-to-wear pieces apart from the crowd of dull prints and colours: A very good start to the week!

By Cat van Maanen

  • Brand Review: A Visitor In Space.

Brand Review: ‘A Visitor in Space’…

What do you call a brand that fuses 90’s grunge culture with the humble sartorial charm of Japanese traditional style?

The answer: ‘A Visitor in Space’. The online shop, established in France in 2012, is the brain-child of two passionate fashion and music lovers. The young pioneers stipulated that the style is a meeting of street-wear with handmade couture. And the result of this mashup is exciting, and totally inspiring!

The collection from SS ’14 ‘Hovering’, and the FW ’15 collection ‘Garden in Motion’ (both featured on the website) reflect a fairly minimalistic appearance, with most pieces from the collection being largely either black or white. However, the lack of daring prints and bold colouring, subtly accentuates the edgy, unorthodox brilliance of the tailoring of the garments, with off the wall zip detailing, as well as a  David Hockney style, futuristic cyberspace aesthetic within the FW ’15 collection’s “Earth” pieces.

Apart from being super fresh and on trend, the French brand does have fairly philosophical roots. The introductory statement “The Earth is our Home. The Solar System, its Garden In Motion” for the recent FW ’15 collection, perfectly summarises the mindful appreciation of the elements, as well as the evolving human condition in the presentation of the sixteen radically fresh statement pieces created. 

A Visitor in Space’s SS ’14 ‘Hovering’ video, directed by Jérémie Benhamou represented the dense manifestations of cultural change throughout several eras of fashion, creating a binding unity between old and new, ethnicity and gender as well as expressing the vast and idiosyncratic array of our contemporary society’s variety of different cultural backgrounds and human histories.  This culminates in the celebratory ensemble of individuality through the manipulation of the media of dance choreography, lighting, music, and the monochrome backing throughout the video, together with the notable fact that the clothes produced by the brand are unisex, allowing new possibilities for fashion and self-expression for the daring individual. 

Essentially, think: The Matrix feat. Intergalactic Samurai Space Alien, with a special penchant for minimalism,  and you have a good idea of the strikingly offbeat style of this exciting brand.

By Cat van Maanen.


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