Articles written for Wildabout Magazine.

My second official position, was at Wildabout Magazine in 2015. I applied for a role as a writer, and had moved on from Fizzy magazine as there were no promotional opportunities available to me. I was immediately hired as Cultural & Art Editor. After a while holding this position, and after having styled and been the creative direction behind the fashion spread You Only Like Me When You Think I’m Looking Sad, inspired by the artist Grimes. The  feature was recognised by Vogue Italia (online), this led to me then moving into the role of Fashion Editor at Wildabout. Whilst in this position, I had an even larger team of writers to organise than when I worked as Cultural & Art Editor – I really enjoyed the increased responsibility.

After holding the role of Fashion Editor for almost a year, I was then promoted to Senior Editor of the magazine, and helped the Editor in Chief Tskenya in organising the different departments, whilst still sourcing article inspiration and setting up interviews and delegating work. Tskenya (Wildabout Collective director) had talked to me and the rest of the team about the possibility of expanding the magazine, creating two or more magazines to accompany the existing Wildabout. I submitted my concept of a mental health magazine/ inclusivity magazine which became Conker magazine. Whilst setting up Conker as editor-in-chief with the help of Tskenya, I sourced article ideas, set up interviews and created new themes for the magazine, ensuring that subject sensitivity was always a priority.

Below is a small selection of my writing for Wildabout Magazine: However you can find my author’s page here.







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