Styling for Toksick Magazine: 04/07/2016. ‘Patchwork Impressions’.

In July of 2016 I styled the shoot Patchwork Impressions, which was published by Toksick magazine.  I was already working closely with HMUA Kitty Noofah (after several successful shoots together), and I was looking to work with Cansu Ozkaraca after having seen some of her work. I wanted it to be featured in a forest location to bring the bright neon colours of the clothing and jewellery, together with the natural aesthetic of the forest. I directed the Kitty on makeup looks and hairstyles that I wanted, and worked with designers including: Anne Sophie Cochevelou, Katie Jones Knits, ZIZTAR & VidaKush. Below are some of the image from the shoot.

Photographer: Cansu Ozkaraca.

HMUA: Kitty Noofah.

Models: Natasha Culzac, Chantelle Brett, Yvonne Hannafin, Romane Mançon.

Styling/ direction: Cat van Maanen.

Here is a link to the magazine spread for Patchwork Impressions.

13559219_10210068384170515_7092229828687230222_o13568843_10210068384490523_4349397149589052445_o13575794_10210068392850732_5261233935171682980_o13575874_10210068384130514_2381531637525734491_o13575923_10210068380650427_7129153213879173292_o13575955_10210068388770630_8519089113206031802_o13576886_10210068393730754_5070039629439166081_o13581981_10210068390650677_4271543797322352815_o13582122_10210068393210741_4905926952833032340_o13585086_10210068376170315_6914486825587832793_o13585091_10210068382130464_2653460206125099947_o13585208_10210068388970635_4289646519478536231_o (1)13603406_10210068392330719_3753358603287387105_o13603489_10210068390850682_4460847259666097649_o13603553_10210068389290643_2292487942086487775_o13603573_10210068377450347_1672063636426893430_o13603680_10210068393930759_3855531146083160431_o13613524_10210068387090588_1366335331342610254_o13613526_10210068377210341_610536684609627096_o


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