Tinderella: Styling for Music video.

In September 2016 I was asked to style an entire cast for the music video for the band Charlie Melrose‘s single, Tinderella. 

The planning took several months, and I was able to use contacts I had already acquired through previous styling jobs. I was in charge of styling a cast of over 20 people, single handedly. I also helped Charlie (the lead singer and organiser of the project), in obtaining a HMUA (Bjorn Daniel), with whom i’d also worked with on numerous occasions. The theme was ‘fairytale’. Charlie had a very firm idea of what she wanted, however I wanted to make the whole look fairly ‘trippy’: think, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland meets 90’s rave. Therefore I made sure to make every character stand out with chunky statements pieces and as much glitter as possible!

Designers included: Designers:
Luke Anthony Rooney, Anne Sophie Cochevelou, Getclobbered., Irregular Choice, Dead Lotus Couture latex, Magda Durka, LU LA LOOP, Jackalopeland, Agnes Mira Rosa

Below are some screenshots from the music video and some ‘behind the scenes’ photos, as I haven’t yet gotten hold of any of the official photos!




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