Assistant Styling for “Her Bones are made of Roses” Tinsel Tokyo Magazine.

In November 2016 I collaborated with Phoenix Blu Coyle and her team on her shoot ‘Her Bones are Made of Roses’ as styling assistant. The photo series was published in Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, and made Christmas Cover photo.


Art direction Phoenix-Blu Coyle and Jasmine Gotley De Silva
Photography by Jasmine Gotley De Silva
Styling by Phoenix-Blu Coyle HUMAN DOLL
Makeup Issidora
Hair Roy Hayward Hair
Model Mila Alex glampire TV models
Photo assistant Chelsea James
Stylist Assistants: Cat van Maanen and Bethany Barnes-Bartram
Makeup Assistant Bex Menou
Cosmetics by Cosmetic a La Carte
Silver Dress by Magdalene Celeste
Other Dresses Audrey Ashley
Jewellery Marcin Giebultowski
Jewellery Velvet Eccentric

Tinsel Tokyo Edition 

Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.18.16Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.18.26Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.18.35Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.18.45Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.18.55Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.19.03Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.19.21Screenshot 2017-03-27 15.19.2815440564_10154976585155649_4951931185821259195_o15443178_10154976527215649_8134441239171858547_o15577900_10154979382185649_2889183291336650130_o15585357_10154976532215649_8031257282186785113_o15976964_10155087727610649_100765716832978515_n



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