Hi! I’m Cat, i’m 21 years old and currently living in Brighton. I am really interested in fashion as art, statement and as a way of reflecting societies changes throughout time. Over the course of the last year, I have worked at a fashion PR company; IPR:London, where I interned for several weeks over my summer break from University. I always took on extra work for events, such as the ‘Blogger Breakfasts’ and the ‘Move Your Lee’ Lee Jeans event (for which my role at the event was in VIP and hospitality). However, over the period that I worked here I learned about and found new skills in one sector of the fashion industry, liaising with fashion brands, knowing how to communicate with PR companies, and generally learning about presentation and the speed at which we needed to work.

In terms of editorial work that I have done, I started at Fizzy Magazine (based in Hamburg),  where I was a writer for some time, mainly writing about Fashion trends and reviewing Catwalks. The second publication that I worked at, was WILDABOUT Magazine, WILDABOUT is all about diversity and accepting other cultures and celebrating them. I started off in an editorial role as a Cultural editor, however I was then promoted to Fashion Editor, and finally Senior Editor of the Magazine, overseeing editors and writers in several fields, including Music, Arts, Fashion and Culture. Whilst working here, I have written reviews, humorous seasonal articles, interesting art review articles, interviews, and reviews for LFW and Brighton Fashion Week.

During University (2014-2017) I was one of the two News Editors at my student Paper in Brighton called ‘The Verse’, here I completed interviews with the likes of the band Lawson, as well as writing successful sponsored reviews. During 2015 I also held intern editorial positions at AnOther Magazine  (whilst being offered other internships including Dazed & Confused).

Working at WILDABOUT, I had a lot of creative freedom. I could experiment with my style and different brands that I liked. Whilst working there I organised several fashion shoots involving sourcing brands,talking to PR companies (worldwide) , sourcing models,  photographers, HMUA’s and studios, to styling each outfit and planning the shoot days in their entirety. For WILDBOUT I Creatively Directed: Pakistani Fashion Shoot (for Intersectional month), ‘You Only Like Me When You Think I’m Looking Sad’ (which was used and published by Vogue Italia)  shoot amongst many others.

I have also completed styling work at other magazines such as Superlative Magazine based in Hamburg, where I was asked to style the shoot ‘Astronaut’.  I also  styled a ’90’s’ themed shoot. During 2016 I was given the opportunity to start up my own magazine as editor-in-chief, to be a sister magazine in the Wildabout Collective. The magazine I started with the backing of Tskenya, the Collective director, is called CONKER magazine, I wanted to create a magazine which was ‘all inclusive’. The magazine is about overcoming and supporting those who have had marginalising experiences such as: being victims of racism, prejudices from an ableist society,  as well as prejudices and stigmas towards mental health conditions. The three main sectors in the magazine, includes: Gender & Sexuality, Mental Health and Race & Ethnicity. 

The Verse

Fizzy Magazine

Wildabout Magazine

Conker Magazine

For styling work: cathiejvm@gmail.com

For WILDABOUT Magazine enquiries: senioreditor@wildaboutmagazine.com

For enquiries about CONKER Magazine: director@conkermagazine.com


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  1. Mira says:

    My granpa told me about that blog. This post makes a excellent reading.
    Thank you


    1. Thats amazing- thank you!


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